Violin Bridge Dyna-Mic


Meet the first-ever contactless, innovative violin pickup sensor! The updated, most ergonomic, top-notch hardware and compact version was released in mid-2023 and will impress you.

RMacoustics upgraded multi-version of the Bridge Dynamic Violin Pickup system is a patent-pending, dual function, contactless Microphone/ Pickup System. The whole system comprises a clip-on sensor, a microphone, and a dedicated preamplifier.

This is a unique, clip-on violin pickup and violin microphone system, that captures the air vibrations around the violin, as well as the full instrument’s wood/ body vibrations and resonances by means of its integrated sensors. As a result, it can reproduce a clear, well-detailed, and exceptionally loud, amplified tone that simply is indistinguishable from the instrument’s natural sound. Furthermore, by its nature, the system does not produce bow change percussiveness or all the other inherent flaws that all piezo pickups produce. You can check out the video-demos tab below.

Use it as a stand-alone violin microphone, as a contactless violin pickup to hear more wood tone of your instrument, or simply blend both “air” or “wood”, at any percentage. That is to say, you can have any sound you like from a totally natural tone to a solid, wood tone, with great attack and response. The sensor is not in contact with the bridge or soundboard. Clip-on installation in just a couple of seconds. Check out the video/demos tab below.

Usually ships within 1-5 days. If that’s not the case, a notification will be sent accordingly.


– Violin Bridge Dyna-Mic is totally detachable, this violin pickup system needs virtually no installation and mounts on the violin in just a couple of seconds.

– Violin Bridge Dyna-Mic clip-on microphone/pickup system that is able to sense violin’s both, air and wood vibrations.

– Blending function available at any percentage, thus you can blend as much of the violin’s “air” or “wood” sound, as you like.

– By its non-piezoelectric nature, the system does not produce bow change percussiveness or all the other inherent flaws that all piezo pickups produce.

– Special rubber pad so as to protect the violin’s rib varnish.

– Above all, there is no sensor contact to the bridge or soundboard. Therefore, the system reproduces a clear, detailed, amplified tone that simply is indistinguishable from the instrument’s natural sound.

No need for instrument modifications or alterations.

No need to replace the violin’s original bridge.

– Violin natural sound unaffected.

– Exceptionally feedback resistant in loud environments, so with Violin Bridge Dyna-Mic you can play way louder, than by using a conventional violin microphone.

– The Bridge Dynamic Violin Pickup has adjustable tonal characteristics. From mellow, dark sound with full resonances and rich harmonics to bright more focused sound with less resonance and “cut through mix” characteristics. All with excellent attack and response.

– Integrated “BODY” control, adjusts the harmonic content of your sound. That is to say, with this violin pickup you can pass easily from a very focused, slim sound to a luscious, rich, fat, juicy violin sound.

– No feeling of additional weight on the instrument.

– Easily interchangeable between different instruments. In other words, you can use this violin pickup, with as many instruments as you have.

– Belt pack preamplifier.

– 3x AAA Battery operated.

– Battery status LED indicator.

– Standard 1/4″ inch (6,3 mm) mono output jack.


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Weight 0,300 kg

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Great work. The pickup sounds better than any other pickup on the market. Surley because of this beautiful idea to have a gap between pickup, bridge and soundboard. So, it get's a natural reverb which is impossible when the pickup is built into the bridge or wherever. The mic sounds warm and natural. Well done.
Christoph Mallinger
Muscian, Head of Strings Department, JAM Music Lab University, Vienna
Of course, I could not miss mentioning the amazing sound this RMacoustics violin pickup delivers! The most natural sound! The best choice I have made!!!
Constantinos Skribonis
Pro Violinist

The best violin microphone system I have ever used.

Until now, I used to use two sources: A pickup for loud volume and rich harmonics, but no feedback and a microphone for a more natural sound. But I had difficulties in matching or balancing these two different sources with different voicing and of course many extras such as DI-boxes hanging around me.

By using RMacoustics Bridge Dynamic, I have both sources in one small piece of equipment and a really great balanced sound. Pickup with ample gain and warm, rich tone, even when playing high pitched notes and of course microphone for a really natural sound. The result is totally astonishing!! Rich, loud, powerful and clean sound even playing in the most difficult stages. Without feedback issues. Even more impressive is that the whole system does not touch the violin’s bridge or soundboard, which means that it does not alter the sound of the violin and there is no need for modifications or alterations. The violin stays intact. And it is a real plug & play solution. Anyone can install or remove it, in a matter of few seconds. Well done RMacoustics!!.  (Click here for more from Sergio and "Gadjo Dilo" band) "Bridge Dyna-Mic" user.

Sergio Chrissovitsanos
A brand new microphone system for violin, an invention by RMacoustics, a combination of a microphone and a pulse sensor near the violin's bridge and soundboard. An amplified sound with true fidelity, without distorting or altering the violin's voice when playing high volume, which also integrates tiny adjustments to avoid feedback. It's a microphone system that adapts easily in different on-stage situations and delivers only the best quality that our acoustic sound needs. I strongly recommend it to violinists whose expressive needs are deeply related to their acoustic tone. A real joy for all listeners, I have to notice that it is a "value for money" product, compared to other similar products out in the market. I personally thank Rigas very much, and I admire his unparalleled ingenuity. "Bridge Dyna-Mic XL" user.
Kyriakos Gouventas
"I have only one thing to say: By far the best system I ever tried. With my instrument and 6 sympathetic strings vibrating under the bridge, it's the ONLY system that produces what the instrument supposed to sound like. It's definitely number one!!" (Find out more for Dr. Koliavassilis here). "Bridge Dyna-Mic" user.
Dr. Spiros Koliavassilis
The "Bridge Dyna-Mic" system has solved all my problems concerning the sound of the instrument! ("Bridge Dyna-Mic" user).
Petros Dounavis
"I like your system, I tried a lot of pickup and piezo before, I was recently playing with a DPA 4099 mix with an LR Baggs piezo, but your system is very clever, all in one! And sounds great without feedback, thanks!" "Bridge Dyna-Mic XL" user.
Gabriel Bonnin

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