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Mic Blender


Clip-on instrument microphone and microphone preamplifier – signal processor, with blending options.

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Use it only with the included 9V BOSS PSA-230s (EU) power adaptor (or a BOSS 9V PSA-120s (US) power adaptorpurchased separately).

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– Mic blender preamplifier – signal processor with blending options.

– Clip-on microphone of the highest quality (condenser type).

– Integrated anti-feedback circuit.

– Full parametric EQ filter.

– Parametric Low & High Pass filters.

– Standard 6.3mm (1/4″) line input (high impedance).

– Standard 6.3mm (1/4″) line output.

– Mic blender connects directly to effect pedals or mixing desks.

– Use it as a standalone preamplifier for any type of pickups or piezos, etc.

– Pure analog circuit, made using only materials of the highest quality (no bits and bytes here).

– Can be used with guitars (nylon or steel stringed), bouzouki, mandolin, etc.

– Use it only with the included 9V BOSS PSA-230s (EU) or a PSA-120s(US) power adaptor.

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