Flute Microphone


Sound pickup and amplification system of the highest quality, for flute. Usually ships within 1-3 days. If that’s not the case, a notification will be sent accordingly.


Flute microphone. A detachable, patented sound pickup and amplification system of the highest quality, for flute and other musical instruments of the woodwind family. The complete system includes one or more microphone heads (it depends on the instrument) mounted on the instrument and an outer preamplifier, where preamplification, mixing and final processing of the microphone signal take place. The system presents the highest resistance to audio feedback, it does not reproduce nor amplify noises from the instrument itself (e.g. from key’s strokes, etc.), providing the musician with freedom of movement on stage, and simultaneously, it can be connected directly to pedals, effects units, mixing consoles, a Direct Inject box, etc. It needs three CR2032 batteries, for about 100 hours of continuous operation, monitored by a battery status LED indicator.


"Excellent dynamic response and sound fidelity, in a way you forget that you play amplified. Dynamic response and sound fidelity is far better than any other microphone I have ever tried".
Petros Pappas

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