Acoustic Preamplifier


Studio quality audio preamplifier for acoustic instruments. Adds a clean boost of about 20dB. Usually ships within 1-3 days. If that’s not the case, a notification will be sent accordingly.


Acoustic Preamplifier. A studio quality, sturdy built preamplifier of high fidelity, for acoustic instruments. Compact, with flat frequency response and ultra low distortion. Adds a gain of approximately 20 dB. It requires three CR2032 batteries.

  • 20dB of gain.
  • Flat frequency resposne (20Hz – 20Khz <0.8dB)
  • Harmonic distortion <0.04% @ 0.5 V p-p input
  • Input impedance > 0.5 Mohm
  • Output impedance < 1Kohm
  • Dimensions 52 x 52 x 26 mm W/L/H
  • Battery status LED indicator.


"Only great results occur when one collaborates with people who listen exactly his needs and propose only the best!! Thank you RMacoustics! I definitely recommend it!!"

John Koutsikas
Freelance guitarist, Greece

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