Acoustic Guitar DFP-System

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Acoustic Guitar DFP-System comprises a pickup, a microphone, and a preamplifier/blender. This system is focused on acoustic sound capture and amplification. Clean, transparent sound, with exceptional detail, linearity, flat frequency response, full dynamic range, perfect balance among all strings, ultra-low distortion, absolute no sound coloration, and exceptional feedback resistance.

All system functions and power are carried out through the preamp unit.

DFP-SYSTEM has a dual-channel (separate channels for pickup and microphone), external, 9V battery powered, fully analog,
belt-pack preamplifier, that interfaces all standard system functions, such as source-blending,  power supply (therefore no batteries or knobs on the instrument), and output volume. Besides that, it also has an active, microphone anti-feedback circuitry, parametric high and low pass filters, dual-channel polarity inverters, variable gain, a battery status indicator, an adjustable microphone capsule, active mixing/blending circuitry, etc.

Not compatible with our Acoustic Guitar Pickup series.


– Acoustic Guitar DFP-System, comprised of a Pickup element, a Microphone, and a Preamplifier/Blender.

– Complete system with its own, dedicated, belt pack preamplifier/controller unit.

– Οffers dual-source signal (pickup – microphone), which is real-time adjustable (mixing or isolation).

– Separate pickup element for each one string, individually calibrated so as to capture each string’s unique timbre.

– This Acoustic Guitar DFP-System has perfect balance between all strings.

– Flat frequency response, from deep, focused bass to clean, detailed treble with no midrange emphasis/peaks.

– Adjustable microphone capsule means that you can position the microphone capsule wherever it sounds the best.

Microphone anti-feedback circuitry, so as to suppress unwanted howling sounds and whistling.

– No sound coloration, no distortion, and finally no signal compression, in a way that you can feel all the dynamic variations of your playing.

– 9Volt Battery-powered preamplifier/control unit.

– No batteries inside the instrument, as the whole system is powered from the 9Volt preamp unit.

– Separate sound polarity switches for pickup and for the microphone.

– Adjustable, parametric low pass and high pass microphone filters with variable microphone gain.

– All system functions and power supply to the pickup and microphone are carried out through the preamp unit, therefore, no knobs or batteries are on the instrument.

– Master Volume control knob to real-time adjust the system’s output.

– Standard 6.3mm line output jack, so as you can connect it to any pedalboard or amplifier with a line-in input.

– Handmade quality and finally, individual testing, to meet the finest criteria.

– Adds no significant weight.

– Dimensions: into soundhole 55 x 14 x 16mm (L/W/H)  max. 100 x 14 x 16 mm (L/W/H). Similar to guitar’s last fret. As a result, soundhole remains wide open. It fits easily to soundholes with an aperture larger than 60mm.

– Detailed installation manual included.

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