About Us

RMacoustics company stands for handcrafted pickups, microphones and acoustic preamplifiers, all targeted to the amplification of acoustic instruments’ sound. Instruments as classic and acoustic guitar, violin, flute, cello, bouzouki, etc. RMacoustics is a company of musicians, who design products for musicians and that is a really great asset, inspiring deep respect among our customers, because we are in position to completely understand their particular “on stage” needs. In fact, their needs are our needs too.

RMacoustics products of quality, made in E.U.

Meet Our CEO

The mind behind RMacoustics...
    Rigas Makropoulos
    Rigas Makropoulos
    Chief Executive Officer
Clear & Powerful Sound
Discover a unique microphone system, that works also as a pickup and captures both air vibrations as well as full instrument's body vibrations and resonances.

Our Process


All projects have been designed from the beginning, on a totally new basis. The operation principles, the electronic design and circuitry, the final minimalistic construction and appearance, the simple installation method, the artistic profile. All new, innovative, inventive and totally focused on clean, transparent sound. Each instrument’s distinguished, uncoloured sound.


Handmade to the last detail, using only the finest materials. A unique way to control thoroughly every constructional step and achieve an unsurpassed detail and build quality, among with superb audio transparency and clarity. All projects have been inspired, designed and built with a deep respect to precious handmade musical instruments and their unique sound.


Extensively tested by demanding musicians and everyday performers in all kind of ambients: studios, theaters, concert halls, recording sessions, personal monitors, gigs, etc, all projects ensure a warm, deep, clean, flat, transparent, truly detailed sound, with no colouration, distortion or any other sound alteration. Just the instrument’s acoustic sound…amplified!