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A unique, revolutionary, patented pickup system for acoustic instruments of the violin family, where the instrument itself, becomes a complete pickup system for it’s own sound. Usually ships within 1-3 days. If that’s not the case, a notification will be sent accordingly.

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Our Violin Pickup, comprises a unique, revolutionary, patented pickup system for acoustic instruments, where the instrument itself, becomes a complete pickup system for it’s own sound. More specifically, the instrument’s strings behave like a microphone’s diaphragm, converting by themselves the sound they produce, to acoustically modulated electrical signal, while moving in a specifically shaped energy field. As a result, we have a complete and transparent acoustic image of the instrument’s unique sound and timbre, with excellent dynamic response and feedback resistance. In contrast to any other violin pickups in the market, this one has its own unique, clear-cut character and is considered to be an excellent performer in all kind of situations. Live or studio.

Also, this violin pickup system does not require any interventions or modifications to the instruments, it can be easily attached to or detached from the instrument at any time by the musician him-/herself and it does not affect the natural timbre and sound of the instruments at all, since it is not mounted in echogenic parts of the instrument but at the end of the fingerboard and beneath the tailpiece. When it is removed, the instrument remains intact, without the slightest indication of any kind of aesthetic or constructional alteration. Requires three CR2032 type  batteries for more than 100 hours of operation. Detailed manual with instructional photos included.

– Electro Magnetic violin pickup.

– Immediate response to playing, full dynamic range, combined with linear frequency response.

– Clean, focused, transparent sound, with exceptional detail, linearity, flat frequency response, full dynamic range

– Ultra low distortion, absolute no sound colouration and no feedback.

– Perfect balance among all strings

– Adjustable volume of strings.

– Minimal interventions or no modifications at all to instruments (no hole drilling, no screws, etc).

– DIY installation & setup in just a few minutes.

– Discreet mounting on the instrument, of minimal weight.

– No impact on the natural sound of the instrument (there is no contact at all with any echogenic parts of the instrument).

– No need for an external preamplifier.

– Battery status LED indicator.

– Standard, 6.3mm jack line output.

– Works both with metal or synthetic core strings.

– It will NOT work with an electroconductive tailpiece (e.g. tailpiece made of metal)

Comments - Reviews

“Through 30 years of my continous proffesional carrer, I was always looking for the best possible natural – acoustic sound for my violin. What I have heard while playing an Rmacoustics pickup system, is unsurpassed sound quality and a wealthy signal output. A combination we all seek when we need to amplify our violin’s natural sound. I really like it’s perfect, clean, effortless installation, without any alteration to the violin’s natural sound, but the huge advantage is the amazing response it exhibits to “sound-picking”. Unbelievable bowing response, perfect adaptation to glissanto techniques, better overall control over pitch while playing, all with such a sensitive and tricky instrument like violin. The system combines all the advantages of an electric violin, in order to post process signal using any kind of effects, but it is also very transparent and clean, when it comes to natural, uncoloured violin sound. Another point is the ability to adjust each string’s volume, using just a small pressure to the mounting plate attached (non invasively) to the end of the fingerboard”

Kyriakos Gouventas

"I just installed the RM Acoustics pickup and I am very impressed. It produces a very clean tone. There is no noise or feedback issues, and none of the nasal sound that many other pickups have. It is a little on the bright side to my taste, but this can be controlled via tone controls. Pizzicato tone is also very warm and mellow. Installation was easy, even though it requires several steps. No modifications to the violin body itself are needed, except for putting conductive foil on the nut and small wired clamps on the strings at the tailpiece. Overall the RM Acoustics pickup is the best sounding pickup I have used."

Masahiro Honda

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