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Mandolin pickup / microphone. This pickup unit is focused on acoustic sound amplification. Excellent linearity, flat frequency response, full dynamic range, perfect balance among all strings, ultra low distortion, absolute no sound colouration and exceptional feedback resistance. (Note that pickups are different for left handed musicians. Be sure to specify which one fits exactly your needs). Usually ships within 1-3 days. If that’s not the case, a notification will be sent accordingly.

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-Mandolin pickup offers dual source signal (pickup – microphone), which is furthermore real time adjustable (mixing or isolation).
-Separate pickup element for each one string, individually calibrated,  so as to capture each string’s unique timbre.
-Perfect balance between all strings.
-Flat frequency response.
-Audio feedback suppression circuitry.
-No sound coloration / no distortion / no signal compression.
-Battery life: min. 200 hours (2 x CR2032 Coin cells).
-No need for an external preamplifier (albeit it can benefit from any available).
-Standard 6.3mm line output jack.
-Handmade quality and final testing.
-Adds no significant weight.
-Dimensions: 46 x 14 x 23 mm (W/L/H), so as soundhole remains wide open.


Thank you very much RMacoustics!!! I am very pleased with your brand new mandolin pickup!!! Keep on!!!
Michalis Kontaxakis

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